Last week, I had the pleasure to be invited to a special private screening of the UK’s first urban comedy, 'Anuvahood'. Written, directed and starring Adam Deacon (‘Kidulthood’/‘Shank’) alongside a cast of well-known faces in the urban entertainment scene, including Richard Blackwood, Ashley Walters, Jocelyn Jee, Eddie Kadi, Femi Oyeniran, Giggs, Jammer and Mz Bratt. Not to mention acting heavyweights Jamie Winstone and Linda Robson (Birds of Feather)...

'Anuvahood' tells the story of Kenneth (played by Adam Deacon), also known as 'K' – or "Wasteman" as his little sister likes to call him - who has lost his job, has no luck with the opposite sex and is the most diabolical MC you have ever heard. Kenneth fantasises about being a top MC in the UK scene but, in reality, he has no real income and the bailiffs are after his parents to pay their family debts.

Kenneth decides it’s time to be a real man and embarks on a career as a drug dealer. Due to his inability to keep a low profile, he attracts the attention of local bully and muscle man, Tyrone (played by Richie Campbell), who isn’t happy that he is trying to up his status as the top boy on their estate. K soon finds out that life as drug dealer has its consequences and he has to make decision between the wrong and right path.

Firstly, the film soundtrack is very on point and features mainly UK urban acts, such as Tinie Temaph, Wiley, Dizzee Racal, Kano and Boy Better Know. So no doubt you will be bopping your head in the cinema as the story unfolds on screen.

So with all the hype surrounding ‘Anuvahood’, is it any good? Well, I have to say that the film is really a colourful mixture of youth angst and comedy satire. The ensemble of the young cast proves to be a success with new acting talents, such as Jazzie Zonzolo, Michael Vu, Richie Campbell and Michael Maris, putting in strong comedic performances. Jocelyn Jee is hilarious and maybe should have had a bigger role in the movie. The storyline is very simple, there is no rocket science in this movie, so don’t expect anything too deep and meaningful.

If you’re looking to escape the harsh realities of the gritty hood movies of the past and don’t mind a bit of cheesy, over-the-top cheeky banter - then ‘Anuvahood’ will be right up your street (pun intended). Adam Deacon told me: "If I can get people going to the cinema and forgetting about all their stress and worries, then I’ll be happy. It’s just showing people that it’s not all doom and gloom in London council estates..."


'Anuvahood' is out in cinemas nationwide from March 18.

Words: Adele White (@ThatGirlAdele)


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