Even down to the aesthetics, he's a walking contradiction; rocking layered African-beaded jewels over vibrant Dashikis or Cosby sweaters, only to rhyme of his infatuation with Georgi Vodka and plump female's backsides. I introduce to you Mr. MFN eXquire, one who appears blunt as the explicit word in his moniker suggests, but also a crowned gentlemen of his Kingsborough project environment...

Born Anthony Allison, the masses haven't quite seen a character since the screwed-loose, drunken master, late Ol' Dirty Bastard. Though he's not quite in your face, and not nearly as intoxicated, eXquire brings nostalgia of the throwback Brooklyn griminess, along with the common denominator that both names obviously do not give a flying toot, nor glorify their eccentricity for entertainment. A lovely way to see New York hip-hop being brought back with such an eclectic organic context.


The Crown Heights, Brooklyn spitter placed the net in an addictive, unexplainable trance with his debut early 90s-inspired, Decon-produced tune, ‘Huzzah’ – with a video that features an interesting use of eXquire's apartment, the homies, fried chicken, some brews and a vibrating apple rump. He even keeps the wild visuals going with his most recent follow-up, ‘Lou Ferigno's Mad’. Outside of physical perception, eXquire shares a unique voice-box similar to Big Daddy Kane mixed with sprinkle of a pre-caged Shyne, along with articulation reminiscent to an early Kool Keith.

With all the perks to come along with the newcomer, eXquire presented an unorthodox batter's up to the New York rap scene with his free mixtape release, ‘Lost in Translation’, which was a roughly mixed – I’m pretty sure the effort was recorded in his project home apartment – non-cohesive piece of emotions spilled onto wax and featuring some of the most random underground instrumentals.

For episode two of Verbal Intercourse, eXquire covered the basic logistics of exactly who the emerging Brooklyn "oddball" is, and also shared how to spend five bucks at his confident neighbourhood chicken spot, his thoughts on the Internet, and the trippy consequence of having his phone number on Tumblr. He also talked about his brotherhood, The Peel Off Crew, his upcoming work with legendary producer The Alchemist, and much more.

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Words: Shabazz (@_Kingshabazz_)

Online editing: Joseph 'JP' Patterson (@Jpizzledizzle)



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