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Tulisa recently had a live webchat with the staff over at The Sun Newspaper and lucky fans got to control the interview by asking all of the questions. The chat was an honest one, with Tulisa discussing celebrity crushes and the highly-anticipated reunion of N-Dubz

As a fan asked ‘if your solo career really takes off, will you ever return to N-Dubz?’ Tulisa admitted that she is ready to go back to the band when Dappy and Fazer are, saying: “I really miss the boys! I think about getting back together with them every day. I’m like ‘when should we do it? Pick a day, pick a time!’”

She continued: “I felt quite sad that I didn’t get a No.1 with the boys. When I heard that my single went to number one I thought, ‘where is my team?!’”

When asked about men, T said she likes “cheeky guys” before revealing that although her teenage crush was Eminem, she would now “go on a date with Tom Hardy if he wasn’t engaged!”

The singer also went on to discuss her forthcoming clothing line, hinting that it will be revealed next week, leading us to think that it may be uncovered at some point during London’s Fashion Week.

Words: Maz Khan (@MazHalima)  



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