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It was recently noted that Chris Brown had his album tampered with as copies in UK entertainment store HMV had stickers on his albums which read: "Warning. Do not buy this album! This man beats women." The stickers were on a number of ‘Fortune’ albums, and it is thought that anti-domestic violence campaigners are responsible…

HMV recently spoke out about the controversial issue, with a spokesman saying: "It was very much an isolated incident and had nothing to do with HMV or representing our views.

"It would appear a member of the public popped into one of our stores…and stickered a handful of CDs. These were spotted and quickly removed.” They added that this wouldn’t happen again.

The incident brings up memories of previous stunts such as this; for example in 2006 Banksy took to defacing Paris Hilton’s debut album, replacing her head with a sticker of a dog. Song titles were also changed to things like Why Am I Famous? and What Am I For?

Meanwhile, it has also been reported that Chris Brown will be appearing in court over his community service sentence that he received in 2009, as the judge has raised concerns that he has not completed enough hours.

Words: Maz Khan (@MazHalima)



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