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Whilst Trey Songz was in the UK, he took some time to praise the British artists that he likes and it was clear that he had taken a shine to ‘Pricetag’ singer Jessie J. The ‘Heart Attack’ singer said to Capital FM whilst promoting his latest album, ‘Chapter V’: "I love Jessie J's voice. I wanna work with her very soon…"

Trey continued: "Her voice is so phenomenal and she's funny as hell too. I don't think people know how hilarious she is."

It seems the singer may have something planned, as he continued to gush: "She's great. I look forward to working with her."

But incase she didn’t get the message, Trey left Jessie one that said: “Jessie, what's up baby. I'm here – I'm in your town. Holla at your boy, what's going down – let's make a record."

The singer recently made the no.1 spot on the Billboard charts for the first time. Jessie also recently announced that she will be shaving her hair off on national TV early next year.

Words: Maz Khan (@MazHalima



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