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In a recent interview with Digital Spy, ex N-Dubz member Dappy took the time to speak about his upcoming solo album, 'Bad Intentions'. With no time for modesty, when asked to describe the album, he said it was: "A masterpiece, I think. I definitely think it's something for everyone to pick out, if you don't know Dappy and you're saying 'who's that crazy-looking guy, he's mad' like, they should pick up the CD…" 

However, the artist has promised to be on his best behaviour; claiming that he will be focusing on the album release for the time being after losing control of his Twitter account.

"I've got to just not send silly things out, I don't have my password for Twitter anymore," he admitted. "Management have taken it off me. So yeah, you know, I've gotta be just normal for now, keep the focus about the music."

The upcoming album is promised to have a variety of sounds, as he spoke on trying to keep the genres included diverse: "You can't just do a rap and then think you can be big forever," he said. "You have to switch it up. That's why I do things like 'Tarzan' - controversial stuff - and go to a ballad like 'Good Intentions'."

'Bad Intentions' will be available to buy on October 22.

Words: Tiffany Calver (@TiffanyCalver)



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