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2 Chainz has had a triumphant year so it was only right that he graced The Source’s ‘Man of the year’ cover. The Atlanta native has had a busy month, featuring in commercials for both Beats Audio and Adidas. The spread in Source magazine features an in-depth interview with the rapper who spoke about his come-up in the music industry and the reasons behind his name change…

Formerly known as Tity Boi, Chainz made it clear that his name change didn’t make him a better artist, “It wasn’t like my name made me rap better. I worked my ass off….It felt good to outdo myself and just be omnipresent and be a part of everything,” said the rapper.

When probed on his rise as an artist in the music industry, Chainz compared the industry to a zoo: “Those who haven’t been through that struggle don’t mind going to the zoo to pet the animals,” 2 Chainz explained. “They don’t wanna live in the zoo, but they don’t mind coming through. I’m someone who can show you around in a cool way where you don’t have to worry about getting eaten up.”

The Source’s ‘Man of the year’ issue will hit newsstands on December 4.

Words: Kristian Galea (@KrisSoAppalled)




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