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In a recent chat with Interview Magazine, Angel Haze spoke of her candid cover of Eminem’s ‘Cleanin Out My Closet’, revealing that she is ‘smitten’ by the rapper due to his honesty. Speaking of Marshall Mathers, the 21-year-old said: “I was irrevocably smitten with him because of how honest and brash and blunt he was - and how much of a f**k he didn’t give…”

The ‘New York’ rapper also did a photoshoot for the publication, showing off some skin in a rare moment. Angel went on to speak of the stereotypes that are attached to being a rapper, admitting: “There are so many criteria you have to meet if you say you want to be a rapper… With rock stars, it’s about how crazy they are. They get to do whatever they want.”

Image: Interview Magazine



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