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After making a name for himself as an actor starring in hit TV series 'The Wire', Tray Chaney has launched his music career with the release of HIV awareness track, 'LIVE'. The American talent, who played character 'Poot' on the show, revealed that helping to raise awareness about this illness felt like his "calling in life" and hopes the song will help to "uplift" those affected by it…

In an interview with MTV Staying Alive he said: “LIVE” came about because I wanted to create a song that could uplift anyone who’s been affected by HIV.

“I was invited to perform 'Mike Bully'– an anti-bullying track at the AIDS march in Atlanta in August 2012 but when I saw the passion everybody had for HIV and AIDS it made me realise that the purpose of being there was to save lives and I felt to an extent that I had found my calling and decided to write a track about it."

While discussing the message behind his lyrics, he said: "The ideal outcome/message of “LIVE” is to practice safe sex, share knowledge with your friends and family and take this virus seriously. I hope “LIVE” becomes an anthem for HIV and AIDS around the world."

You can check out the full feature here.

Words: Akilah Russell (@akilahrussell)




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