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Two years after releasing her 'Black Friday' mixtape, a project fuelled by her love for Nicki Minaj, Brooklyn rapper Lil Kim has revealed that she is back for good…

Taking to Twitter to announce the news, Lil Kim wrote: "Due to shed. conflicts I will not be attending Providence Night Club tonight, Jan 25th. I will be in the studio finishing up my new album!!"

The news comes just a few days after the 'Lighters Up' rapper was spotted in Queens, New York on the set for her new music video, 'Jay-Z'. Featuring special guests such as French Montana and Tony Testa. The video shoot was also joined by 'Mob Wives' cast member Carla Facciolo as well as Kim's new artist, Tiffany Foxx.

2013 seems to be the comeback year for many artists that we once loved, and with the success that is now following Justin Timberlake and Destiny's Child so early on into the New Year, let's hope that Lil Kim too receives her fair share of interest. Will you be downloading her new album?

Words: Tiffany Calver (@tiffanycalver)



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