The brand new e4 programme 'Youngers' airs for the first time tomorrow evening, to much anticipation. The show, which features Mandem on the Wall and the talented Lil Simz, revolves around the story of Jay and Yemi, two young men who have just received their GCSE results and set about trying to find their way in the music industry. The production team behind the show deserve huge props for recognising the talents of 24-year old S.K.I.T.Z Beatz, bringing him on board as series composer. The Wrap Up caught up with him prior to the launch of the show… 

Skitz himself started as a ‘Younger’, releasing the EP 'Road Warfare' at just 16 years of age; he received good reviews from renowned magazines while he was "still experimenting" with his sound. 'In The Zone' followed and included features from the likes of Tempa TWretch 32 and Tinchy Stryder prior to their breaking into the mainstream. Skitz's ear for talent is sure to result in the music being heard on 'Youngers' to be both “fresh and exciting.” 

Having secured his first synch at just 18, placements for huge brands like Playstation and a music supervisor role for Eastenders' spin-off programme E20 have positioned him as a breaker of hot new material. He says his first synch, which came in the form of a short film that did “relatively well”, allowed him to be in a “blessed position to give a folder of my work to the BBC that I thought would work for TV. When they called me in for meetings, even though I was young, because I had continued to build my CV and had had a number of synchs in place they had the reassurance to give me the chance to develop further.”

While Skitz and his team select what songs to use in the episodes, he also “composes music specifically for parts where no other music fits.” The role came about through producers "at e4 getting in touch via a Music Supervision company.”

He says, “Youngers is a show that focuses on young people who've left school in 2013” and as such “the music we've used is that which is coming through now,” adding that as it's set in South London “there's a tip of the cap in certain scenes to the sound currently emanating from that geographical location.”

Skitz promises that there's a good mix of music and not too many commercial tracks, so all you heads who take pride in being on an artist before they break should be sure to tune in! He's confident that “people will be nodding their heads to the songs before running to listen again on Spotify once the shows finished.”

Alongside his work on 'Youngers', Skitz is currently working on the late Esco's project as well as having a lot of tracks on Tempa T's upcoming release and working on Sara Silviera's album. 'The Concrete Orchestra' is his own album in the works which promises to feature a lot of current A-listers as well as some nice guest slots from some pretty weighty US artists.

While he doesn't deny that his "results will be sick,” he says “there's currently no release date scheduled” for his project – so watch this space! 

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Words: James Walsh (@JW_DittoMusic)



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