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Wiz Khalifa has been MIA recently due to the birth of his first son, Sebastian Thomaz, but it seems the Taylor Gang emcee is already getting back to business as he announced he is working on a new album. During a chat with Big Boys Neighborhood, Khalifa revealed that he already has his album in the works and plans to release it later on this year, stating…

“Actually I am, yeah. I’m working on another album. I’m planning on dropping it this year, I wasn’t going to, but I just got so much motivation. I been having so much fun, and having my son. I feel like it’d be a great time to put out a really dope, relevant project.”

Wiz is not however going to follow in the footsteps of Hov and put his new born on a song as he revealed: “I don’t wanna put Bash on a song. I don’t wanna give people the option to like it or not like it because I’ve heard some stuff where people put their kids on stuff and people be like ‘ehhh.’

“So I don’t want it to happen to my son where they’re listening to it, they’re like, ‘Ohhh, nice, Bash is on it’."

Words: Kristian Galea (@KrisSoAppalled)



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