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Dappy Dumped by Girlfriend

Pregnant Kaye Vassell is not happy…

N-Dubz man Dappy has been dumped by his pregnant girlfriend after he cheated on her.

Kaye Vassell has told (or possibly sold) her story to The Sun and revealed all about the rapper.
Earlier this week it emerged that Dappy had run off with one of his group’s dancers Georgia Amodu and then got back with pregnant Kaye- who is also the mother of his one year old son Gino.
She’s now told the tabloid: “He’s hurt me beyond belief, so I’m walking away. Dappy just isn’t mature enough to have a proper relationship.
“He’s confessed to six affairs but I get messages every day from girls who say they’ve slept with him… he’s the father of my son but he behaves like a child, not a man.”
As well as revealing that Daps is a fan of kids TV show In The Night Garden Kaye told the paper about N-Dubz safe-sex track Shoulda Put Sonmething On. She said:

“It didn’t help when Dappy admitted Shoulda Put something On was about us. How do you tell your son that his dad wishes he’d worn a condom? I was in tears when he put that song on the album.

A statement from Dappy said: “I’m standing by Kaye, our son and unborn baby. I will always be there for her.”