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Nervo: Electric Daisy Carnival London 'Will Be Amazing'

EXCLUSIVE! Australian DJ babes talk, Daft Punk, G strings and sweaty bras…

Australian DJ duo Nervo can’t wait to play Electric Daisy Carnival Londonwhich comes to the UK for the first time this summer telling Londoners to “watch out!”

Speaking exclusively to MTV News twin sisters Mim and Liv told us they can’t wait to play the dance festival – usually held in the U.S. - which makes it’s debut over here on July 20th at London’s Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.
Featuring a line up of DJs including the likes of Tiesto, Avicii, Steve Angello, Sub Focus, Nero and Porter Robinson, Mim said: “London, Watch out! EDC is coming. It’s an incredible festival. It’s great that they’re moving it over to this side of the pond.”
Liv added: “It’s just a festival for electronic music so it’s got that raver vibe to it. We’re so excited to be playing it here. It’ll be interesting to see how different from EDC in the States but I think Londoners will give it a good crack and it’ll be amazing.”
Electric Daisy Carnival. Credit: Rukes
We took the opportunity to ask them about the chart-topping dance act on everyone’s lips Daft Punk and their brand new material with Pharrell Williams and Nile Rodgers:
“I think Daft Punk’s current single Get Lucky is a great move," Liv said. "it feels very them and I think its great that they’re not following the sound of ‘now’ so much and they’re just doing what they do best and its great that people have embraced it.”
Mim added: “It’s great for dance music as well because dance music is vast, you’ve got so many different pockets of it, so they’re staying true to themselves and what do you know they’re number one!”
The twins also revealed that aside from getting marriage proposals during and after their gigs, they recently got handed a G string…
“A girl just last weekend gave us her G string!” Liv exclaimed.
“That was weird,” Mim chimed in, “...and bras, we get a lot of bras. We have to sign bras…sweaty bras!”
Suck it up girls, it’s all in a hard days work.
Nervo's latest single Hold On is released on 17th June.
By Michael Pell @mtvuknews

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