Holly Hagan Jumps To The Defence Of Sophie Kasaei After Trolls Go In On Her Make-Up

The Geordie Shore lass has absolutely no time for negative remarks

Holly Hagan has proved that she’s the real MVP after leaping to the defence of Sophie Kasaei when trolls began criticising her make-up.

The Geordie Shore lass is never one to sit back and let people make cruel remarks about her friends, which is why she couldn’t resist responding when a fan pointing out a tiny discrepancy between Sophie’s hair line and her contouring.

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The situation all went down when Holly shared an image of the duo at a recent event: “Thank you @boohoo for the most amazing Christmas dinner at @mengaerie_restaurant

Outfits - @boohoo
Makeup - @mollyobrienmakeup
Boobs - @elitesurgical
Wig - @freedomecoutureofficial
Waves - @beauty_worksonline.”


While most people agreed that the girlslooked incredible, one person out there replied that there was a tiny shadow at the top of Sophie’s forehead: “I’m the only person that sees the gap between Sophie’s hair line and her contouring?”

Holly pointed out that this kind of negativity is helpful to absolutely no-one: “And what are you gaining from pointing that out and laughing at her?” she clapped back.


Fans also came to Soph’s defence, with another person arguing: “It’s the lighting in the picture that makes it look that way cause if you look on Soph’s Instagram she has a pic from the same night and it’s perfect make-up.”

The vast majority of people spotted no flaws in the image, with a separate fan responding: “Two beautiful prettiest and cutest women in the world,” as another said: “Two absolutely stunning girls in this picture.”

Go on, Holly!

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