CBB 2015: Alexander O'Neal Just Wants To Keep It Natural

Don't expect the singer to 'Criticize' or be 'Fake' (sorry)…

Alexander O'Neal has promised we'll see the real him in the Big Brother house.

Though the R&B singer admits he's usually a "very private person," he says he won't be putting on a front for fans.

"One thing about me - you get Alexander O'Neal all day every day," he told us. "I really don't change. If something gets me the wrong way I think I have the ability to try to tell the truth.

"I'll see if strategy is necessary later on, but I think in this type of environment that you might just want to be yourself and try to keep it as natural as possible."

[related]Alexander might not be approaching CBB tactically, but he can bet his bottom dollar that his fellow famousesaren't going to be so nice about it.

So whowould be his nightmare housemate?

"I'm not looking forward to dealing with people that are stuck on themselves," he revealed.

"I often say this about the arts, whether it's acting, singing or whatever, this stuff here you can't take it too seriously. It's not brain surgery or open heart surgery, it's just acting and singing."

"If they're criticising me, then maybe I might confront that situation. But if they're being fake, that's all on them."

Wow. This guy is one cool customer.

CBB returns tonight at 9pm on Channel 5, and you can also catch-up with all the action on MTV UK.

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