11 Biggest Tattoo Trends You'll Be Seeing Everywhere In 2017

The tatts you'll be seeing all over insta this year.

Inspiration for a new tattoo can come from anywhere, but according to the trends for 2017, this year’s ink is all about the delicate lines, simple designs and a minimalist vibe that will satisfy your aesthetic-loving heart.

It’s all about self-expression, but whether you’re creating a design that means something to you personally, or whether you just want one that looks cute af, the coolest tattoo parlour clients have a few specific things in mind right now.

According to the experts (and y’know, Instagram and Pinterest), here’s the ink that everyone’s gonna be after over the next few months.

1. Thin line work

This year clean super simple designs and a chic, minimalist aesthetic have completely taken over the tattoo scene - and it’s easy to see why. It’s all about giving the tattoo space to breathe on your body, with smooth, delicate, hand drawn details and barely-there line work. The more basic, the better with this one, to keep it looking graceful and light on the skin.

2. Single line art

And if you wanna go even more stripped back, check out artists like Mo Ganji who’ve popularised the idea of single line tattoos. The delicate definition and perfect, unbroken lines have massively increased in popularity recently thanks to the satisfyingly clean, minimalist effect and the idea that one, single line design in a picture can kind of reflect a lifeline, too.

3. Hip tattoos

Whatever Kylie Jenner shall do, the whole world shall copy, so when she unveiled a fresh new inking (“sanity”, spelt out phonetically) on her left hip, it soon sparked a trend for the placement - even her BFF Hailey Baldwin followed suit too. Not only is it not too painful for most people, but it’s also easy to keep hidden if needed, and looks cute af next to your undies.

4. Red ink

Speaking of Kylizzle, she’s also partly responsible for the massive rise in a love for red ink. Something a little different from the usual dark and intense black tattoos, Kylie’s fallen in love with the way the colour looks and now has four tiny red tatts in total. It’s also interesting to see how it works against different skin tones - for some it looks flattering and bright, while for others its intense and almost etched into the skin.

5. Heavy lines

Although thin line work is dominating Tumblr right now, heavier outlines also deserve a shout out as an upcoming trend for 2017. It still draws on the minimalist vibe by pulling out the basic bones of an image and ditching the shading, but thickens up the outline for a heavier finish. They’re still delicate and feminine, but pack more of a punch. Halsey’s just got herself one of these, so you know it must be a big deal.

6. Hyper-realism

When it comes to huge inked portraits of your nan, Marilyn Monroe or your old Golden Retriever, it’s always been important for there to at least be a *slight* likeness to the IRL version, but the hyper-realism trend takes things to the next level. Celeb fave artists BangBang and JonBoi have kicked off a love for tiny but super intricate, HD designs that require some serious patience, but almost look real on your skin.

7. Botanicals

While the overall minimalist trend focuses on sharp, definite shapes, botanical tatts for nature lovers are all about reflecting nature in soft focus, pastel shades and gentle imagery. Often combined with the watercolour shading that’s been around for ages now, the use of unbelievably detailed plants in tattoos is often used as a nostalgic tribute for the way it preserves their life and meaning. Cute.

8. Inner arm

If it’s placement inspo that you’re after for a design, the inside of the upper arm is number one right now. It’s a pretty nifty choice because, when you’re standing front on in a neutral position, they stay hidden and right by your side. It’s only when you turn the arm to show somebody the ink that they’re revealed properly. Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus and Kylie J have all opted for this one so far.

9. Tattoo bracelets

These beautiful, jewellery-inspired ink designs are taking over Instagram, including overlapping string designs with charms, initials, nature, anchors, pendants and ribbon illustrations which will make you seriously swoon. Friendship bracelet tattoos are a particularly cute way of cementing your BFF status, too.

10. Feminist tattoos

While the popular tattoo scene might be all about the thin lines right now, it’s still about the strong statement too. To declare yourself a fully-fledged member of the girl gang (guys included, of course), a feminist tattoo could be the way to go. The #feministtattoo hashtag has soared in popularity this year with female gender symbols, promises of GRL PWR, burning bras and awesome, empowering quotes all dominating the trend.

11. Script writing

Written tattoos are nothing new, but now it’s time to forget any font other than an elegant, understated cursive to express yourself. Script lettering (a la Lady Gaga’s Joanne tattoo) is perfect for names, quotes, dates and lyrics from the base of your neck right down to your ankles. From afar it can look like a sleek linear design, and it’s not until up close that you see the real meaning.

'- Words by Lucy Wood.'

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