9 Times J-Hope Was The Cutest Member Of BTS

It’s J-Hope season, y’all…

BTS are one of the most lovable boybands of our time and none more so than Jung Ho-seok, aka J-Hope, aka Hobi. Turning 25 on February 18th, Hobi is the third-eldest member of BTS, after Jin and Suga.

To celebrate J-Hope’s birthday, let’s check out ninetimes he was the cutest member of BTS…

1. When he put on his invisibility cloak


At the 2018 Mnet Asian Music Awards, J-Hope rocked an adorable bee-embroidered black shirt and matching trousers… which ended up making him appear invisible on stage. While the outfit definitely stood out on the red carpet, fans waved glowsticks in the dark venue when BTS took to the stage, making Hoseok appear like a floating head. Only he could pull it off!

2. When he explained why green is his favourite colour

In a Q&A with Billboard, Hobi said he likes green because it’s associated with hope, and that’s also why his autograph is shaped like a tree. Awwww.

3. When he pretended to play piano

During a V Live stream, Hobi provided the cutest sound effects to imply he was playing piano. Excuse us while we watch this on a loop for the next hour.

4. Every time he expressed his love of Sprite

J-Hope’s love of Sprite runs deep – he mentions it in the People interview above at 14:01 and you might combust from his smile – so Armys tweeted Sprite telling them to consider putting him in their adverts. While they responded, “We love that #cool idea. We'll be sure to pass it along to our team,” we’re still waiting for it to happen.

5. When he told Suga he looked like a turtle


If you haven’t seen the clip you might think J-Hope was being mean, but Suga had just told him he looked like a horse, and this might have been the cutest clapback we’ve ever seen.

6. When he joked around during the BTS Grammy Museum conversation

BigHit Entertainment

“We’re not getting any younger!” he quipped, when explaining that some of their choreography is shelved if it seems too physically challenging. This feels even more relevant now that J-Hope is turning a year older. Take it easy, Hobi.

7. When he talked about his dreams as a young child


“When I was a little kid, I simply loved music and enjoyed expressing myself with my body. Everyone liked me when I went up on the stage at a talent search in elementary school, and that's when I decided to become a music artist,” he told Elle, back in 2017. Can you IMAGINE little J-Hope?

8. When he created the song Mama for his mum

One of J-Hope’s solo tracks, Mama, is essentially a thank you to his mum for supporting him and his career dreams. No YOU’RE crying.

9. Every time he smiles


He lights up the whooooole room. Happy birthday, Hobi!

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