Ball Grooming Is Very Much Now A Thing And Is Proving To Be Surprisingly Popular

It's time to grab male grooming by the balls.

Listen up lads, there’s a new product to add to your list of essential grooming items – although you may have trouble getting your hands on it.

But what on earth could it be after you’ve trimmed your beard, exfoliated/cleansed/moisturised your face and perfected your lid?

BALLS, that’s what.

No we’re not on about Ed, we’re strictly talking testicles.

The incredibly named ‘Below The Belt Grooming For Men’ is here to support you and your balls’ every need with their unique product designed to give you ultimate comfort in your pants.

Which is super nice of them.

The gel, which comes in three fragrances, is designed to keep your gonads clean and dry throughout the day and for the sports enthusiasts out there – avoid all chaffing.


However, you may have trouble getting your hands on the life-changing product as it’s already out of stock at Boots.

Which is a bit of kick in the….well, you know the rest.

If you want to find out more about maintaining your downstairs pair, click here.

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