5 Reasons Why Mykonos Should Be Your Next Relaxing Weekend Getaway

We spent the weekend at the Kouros Boutique Hotel in Mykonos and came back to London more relaxed than ever...

You may have heardfriend's stories of wild weekends partying in Mykonos until the early hours of the morning, but there’s another side to this Greek haven that will have you coming back to work feeling zen AF.

We spent a few days at the Kouros Boutique Hotel in the heart of Mykonos and never wanted to leave. From their luxurious suites to your own private hot tubs, it was the perfect weekend getaway to escape the busy city lifestyle.

Here are our top five reasons why Mykonos, and the Kouros Boutique should be your next relaxing getaway destination…

Views for days

Kouros Boutique Hotel

Greece is notorious for having views for daaaaays. We’re merely stating the facts. From the bluest of seas to most picturesque of white buildings, we’ve seen all the postcard perfect pictures from holidays to Greece on our mate’s Instagrams.

Mykonos has particularly beautiful scenery, and from the Kouros Boutique Hotel you can see the sea stretch out for miles, as well as witness some of the most stunning sunsets as you sip on your cocktails by the pool.

Eat like kings and queens

Kouros Boutique Hotel

Narcissus is the Kouros Boutique Hotel’s very own poolside restaurant. Having a stunning selection of food and excellent service just a few minutes’ walk away from our suites was the dream situation for an evening in Mykonos. The exceptional service paired with the forever stunning Mykonos sunset made us feel very tranquil, and like we were experiencing something truly special.

The restaurant combines Greek cuisine with the modern dining influences and uses the finest ingredients, hand-picked from local markets. And with only 22 seats in total, you really feel like you’re having an exclusive, luxury experience when dining at Narcissus.

Luxury accommodation to treat yo'self

Kouros Boutique Hotel

From the minute you step into the Kouros Boutique Hotel, you know you’re in a place of pure luxury. From the classic Greek décor, think white buildings with the backdrop of the bright blue ocean, to the serene poolside area, every element of the hotel will make you feel like you’re being completely spoiled rotten, in the best possible way.

We stayed in one of the hotel’s suites with your own private jacuzzi and it’s as boujee as it sounds. Getting back to your room after a long day exploring Mykonos to jump in the jacuzzi, fit with the most stunning sea view, was to die for. We wish we could be greeted with that level of relaxation every day tbh!

Gain ultimate zen status in the spa

Kouros Boutique Hotel

If the sea view and personal hot tub hasn’t given you enough relaxation you can head to the hotel’s very own Zoe Spa for some proper #selfcare. Whether it’s a massage (they do loads of different kinds depending on what you’re after!), a cute new manicure or just a chill out session in the jacuzzi, the Zoe Spa has you covered.

Live your best life on a boat trip

Kouros Boutique Hotel

What better way to see Mykonos than by boat. We were treated to a private ride out on a yacht courtesy of SYachting. If you haven’t already envisaged being treated like the king or queen you know you are, then this will definitely put the cherry on the cake. We were greeted by the amazing, friendly staff on the yacht and before long we all had a glass of bubbles in our hands as we whizzed around the beautiful shores of Mykonos.

Sunbathing at the helm of the yacht wasexactly as boujee as you’d expect and we loved every second of it.

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