Gaz Beadle Has Already Been Linked To Another Reality Star Following His Split From Emma McVey

The Geordie Shore parsnip is back in action.

Following his break up from longterm girlfriend Emma McVey, there was a very slim chance that Gaz Beadle might decide that a woman-free, relationship-free, drama-free life of celibacy was the path for him.

However, that path is not the one Gaz has decided to take this time.

Just a couple of weeks after Emma went public with news of their messy breakup, Gaz is already being linked to another reality TV star lass, who he apparently took back to the Geordie Shore house shagpad on Monday. Tres romantique.

Having partied at The Soho Rooms in London, Gaz was reportedly spotted looking seriously cosy with Ibiza Weekender star Bethan Kershaw.

According to The Sun, staff at the venue claim that Gaz and Bethan were “all over each other” for the entire night after she ditched her pals to chat to him for the evening.

An insider spilled: “Gary might have been triyng to keep a low profile with Bethan as they left the club, but back at the Geordie Shore house all inhibitions went out of the window."

“He took her straight to the shag pad and they didn’t waste much time getting down to business," they revealed.

“There are rumours that him and Bethan were already quite well aquainted – and considering Gary’s reputation it wouldn’t be surprising if this wasn’t the first time they’d hooked up.”

Well this IS truly unexpected and surprisingbehaviour from Gary Beadle. Ahem.

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'Words by Lucy Wood'

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