The Most Instagrammable Spots In New York City

Step 1. Open the Instagram app...

New York City is a dream location when it comes to making all your followers green with envy. There are plenty ofspots whereby justpointing a camera at will make your IG feed dazzle. Here are our pick of the bunch...

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Dumbo and Manhattan Bridge

Down under the Manhattan Bridge sitsthis iconic New York City Instagram location. Head to Washington Street thataligns perfectly with the Manhattan Bridge to give your picture a perfect frame ofindustrial redbrick eitherside of this impressive structure. Pro Tip: Get here super early as the streetgets busy with tourists later on in the day.

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The Oculus

Inside the World Trade Transportation Hub lies The Oculus, an impressive cathedral-like structure that exterior design resembles a massive winged dove. However, inside is where the best Instagram shots are taken as the incredible symmetrical white steel pillars creates an angelic, clean and peaceful scene. Splendid!

Audrey Hepburn Mural

Star of New York City’s favourite film, Breakfast at Tiffany’s (obvs!), Audrey Hepburn’s colourful mural, created by artist Tristan Eaton, lies in the heart of the Little Italy neighbourhood. Snap it on its own with the gorgeous red brick backdrop or set up a coffee break scene on the chairs in front. Just like the movies!

Central Park

The most infamous park in the world is saturated with spots perfect for making your Instagram hotter than the NY Subway during a heatwave. Our tip is head over to the Bethesda Fountain as this includes amazing arches, a terrace, as well as the fountain itself.

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Flatiron Building

This iconic triangular twenty-one storey building was built in 1902 at the foot of Madison Square Park. Its name was given due to its similarity to the household appliance, the flat iron. The best chance of a great photo is getting both sides of the building's architecture in the shot. Head into Flatiron Plaza or the other side of the road to get the fifth avenue clock in the shot too.

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Brooklyn Bridge

The pedestrian walkway across the bridge gives views over lower Manhattan up to Midtown, with all the noteworthy buildings visible from the One World Trade Centre. Chrysler Building, and the Empire State Building. However, this bridge does get very busy with lots of tourists visiting throughout the day so our suggestion is to get here at sunrise where you’ll have the bridge all to yourself as well as the sun making everything beautifully golden.

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Lay It Back In An Airport Lounge

The British Airways Lounge at JFK airport is one way to really get your followers' attention. Make sure you check-in to the JFK club lounge and help yourself to the luxurious buffet, open bar, USB charging station andample amount of seats in a peaceful setting. And why not pour yourself a beer from the BrewDog craft beer room, where you can pour a unique tipple specifically created for British Airways and named after its flight call sign - Speedbird 100.

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Grand Central Station

The main concourse of the Grand Central Station is instantly recognisable, featuring in several movies and TV shows throughout the years. Head to the stairs either side of the hall to shoot a beautiful wide shot of the active train terminal, as that will include the iconic clocks, 60 feet tall windows and the stunning chandeliers.

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Coney Island

This colourful, vibrant Brooklyn gem has been a photographers' dream for years as everywhere you look if a photo opp. The carnival atmosphere runs through the boardwalk to the beach, so stop by the iconic Nathan’s hot dogs and marvel at one of the many colourful murals.

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