Will.I.Am: 'I've Got ADHD'

The Voice coach says music helps him manage his condition...

Will.I.Am has revealed that he suffers from Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.
The Voice coach and Black Eyed Peas star opened up about his ailment to The Mirror newspaper.
"I have ADHD. I'll admit it," he said.
"Did you hear about the elephant that got into that fight with a gorilla? Sorry, that's my ADHD kicking in.
"I've got all this stuff in my head at the same time as I'm doing stuff and I don't know how to stop or slow down. But it's all good because I know how to control it."
But he claimed that he uses music rather than the drug Ritalin to handle his condition.
"For every obstacle there's some type of solution. So if you have ADHD it's your passion point.
"One thing I learned about ADHD is that it's hard to keep your attention and you can't sit still and you're always moving and thinking about a whole bunch of things.
"But those traits work well for me in studios and in meetings about creative ideas. I've figured out a place for it. If you listen to the songs I write, they are the most ADHD songs ever. They have five hooks in one and it all happens in three minutes. I figured out a way of working with it."
And the 38-year-old star admitted that he was not sure if he would be able to cope without music as an outlet.
"If I was stuck at a different job I'd be horrible and wouldn't survive.
"Music is my therapy and my straitjacket. Music keeps me sane and keeps my mind on something. It's fragile up there.
"My mind would wander, and if it wanders then that's not good because I could scare myself thinking of weirdo stuff.
"Music brings control to my thoughts. It's not escape – it's just order. I'm making order out of a disorder."

Will famously [uuid=9c503e7f-2271-4e51-ae02-19f973aecb76]tweeted while carryiong the Olympic torch[/uuid] last year.

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