Chloe Ferry Had THE BEST Response To Sam Gowland Saying She's Only With Him For His Money

The Geordie Shore lass made a very valid point.

Let's face it, Chloe Ferry is quite the savvy lass. Not only is she a firm fave on Geordie Shore, but she's got her own cosmetics line and a range of sunglasses just to name a couple of her entrepreneurialventures.

In fact, it's probably fair to assume that her business-mind has brought her more dough than us muggles can even dream of, so you can imagine her shock when Sam Gowland joked that she was only with him for his money.

Hit play on the video to see Chloe's amazing and VERY valid response when Sam accused her of being with him for his $$$...

Of course, the lass had the most valid response imaginable. That told him!

It's clear that the convwas purely banter, and we all know by now that it's all luurve between these tworadgies (we would know, we legit got to watch them fall for each other on our screens <3).


Still, it's a gentle reminder of just how well the pair are doing between them.

This comes after last week Sam and Chlo showed off their jaw-dropping car collection, which includes three gorgeous Mercedes' and Chlo's signature white Range Rover Evoque.

In other words, they both ballin'.

Now hit play on the video to watch Sam's utter disapproval of Chloe's chosen name for their first-born child...

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