Fans React To The Sad News That Colleen Ballinger And Joshua Evans Are Divorcing


There’s some sad news from the world of YouTube, as Colleen Ballinger (AKA Miranda Sings) and Joshua Evans (AKA JoshuaDTV) have announced that they are divorcing.

Both YouTubers shared the news in emotional videos on their own channels.

Sharing the news with fans, Colleen said: “I want to start off by saying Joshua is a wonderful man, and I am so in love with him. This has nothing to do with he's a bad person, or he did something horrible to me, or anything like that. He's a good person and I love him.”

She continued: “We have always had a very rocky relationship since the beginning. We've always butted heads, we've always fought, ever since we met, really. It's never been a perfect relationship. … And, for a long time now, I've realized just how unhappy we both were. I want Joshua to be happy, and I can't make him happy. This is what I feel needs to happen.”

She went on to plead with fans not to take sides or send Josh any hate.

In his video, Josh told viewers: “I want it to be known that I am not choosing this divorce. I don't want this divorce. I want her, but I truly believe that she thinks she's making the right decision right now. I can't make her decisions for her. I can only decide stuff on my own, and my decision is to not end anything. But, it's her choice, and I respect her life, as well.”

He added: “I love her. I'm in love with her. I wish nothing but success and happiness for her, and that just does not involve me anymore."

Josh finished his video with these text posts:

Both stars explained that they would be taking a break from the internet to give them time to heal.

Fans have been sharing their sadness and their support on Twitter:

We're sad to hear this news, and we're wishing Colleen and Josh every happiness for the future.

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