Entourage Movie Could Be Out By The End Of The Year

Producer Mark Wahlberg says film should be finished by autumn....

Entourage producer Mark Wahlberg has said that the film could be out by the end of the year.

“We’re gonna shoot a couple days this month then come back up in April and finish the movie,” the actor and producer said on The Tonight Show. “Hopefully it’ll be ready for the Fall.”

The highly-anticipated big screen transition of the hit TV series has been rumoured since the HBO show ended in 2011.

“I know fans in the audience really miss the show so to get those guys back doing what they do would be great for the fans,” Mark added.

“I’ve been clawing and scratching trying to convince everybody to do it. Everybody finally agreed that it was the best thing. The audiences really wanted it for a long time.”

Based on Wahlberg’s own life, Entourage follows film star Vincent Chase and his hometown buddies as they traverse life in Hollywood.

The show featured a number of cameos from Mark and his own childhood friends, on whom Vinnie’s entourage is based.

“They haven’t asked me to [be in it] yet,” Wahlberg revealed. “If they ask me to I will, but if not, no pressure. I’m just really excited that the guys are coming back.”

Earlier today actor Jeremy Piven [uuid=3974a730-6e3c-4b91-ad05-5020a155a4b9]tweeted a picture[/uuid] of the four lead castmembers together while Jerry Ferrara, who played Vinnie’s assistant Turtle, wrote on the social networking site: “Reunited #entourage first time in two years we have all been together.”

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