6 Nutrition Brands You Need In Your Life

All the healthy snacks, meals and supplements you need this Jan.

Not sure of the best food and nutrition products to stock up on this month? Don't worry - we've tried out a ton and these are the absolute best on the market. Whether you're looking for healthy snacking options, main meals or supplements, we've got you covered!

Detox Kitchen

Feeling too fancy to food prep? No problem – Detox Kitchen will deliver a full day’s worth of meals right to your front doorstep, and we can confirm they are just DELICIOUS. Their packages range from Active Protein for those who need nutrition to support an active lifestyle, the Ultimate Re-Set with tons of nutrients to perk you up and the Mama for brand-new mums. Each daily package contains breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and a juice, plus little extras such as fancy teabags and supplements. The dishes vary from week to week, but include absolute stunners such as hearty chicken satay, king prawn laksa and Vietnamese-style noodle salad. We are OBSESSED with their bircher muesli too – an honest-to-God breakfast of champions.

Motion Nutrition

Founded by professional swimmer Joe Welstead and sports-mad Charlie Matthews, Motion Nutrition packs a huge range of nutrition products. Their protein powders are totally organic and come in vegan and whey-based formulations, while their pre-workout makes use of naturally energising ingredients such as matcha green tea and beetroot. Our number one product, though, is their nootropic supplements. Power Up packs B-vitamins and more to help kick your day off to its best start, while Unplug has natural ingredients to help you sleep soundly and wake feeling refreshed. The reviews speak for themselves!


If you need a pre-workout pick-me-up, look no further – NOCCO’s cans contain 180mg caffeine, plus green tea extract for an extra lift. They also pack in BCAAs – branched chain amino acids, which are said to help boost muscle recovery after a workout. Goodbye, DOMS! Flavours include pear, peach, red berries and tropical. Delish.

Pip and Nut

Bored of bog standard peanut butter? Meet Pip and Nut. Alongside all your regular nut butters, they offer amazing flavoured ones such as maple peanut butter, coconut almond butter and chocolate coconut hazelnut butter – yum. They’re available in regular 225g jars, giant 1kg tubs and handy 30g squeeze packs so you can get your nut butter fix on the go.


If you think ‘protein bar’ and think of clinical-looking packaging with tasteless stodge inside, think again. Barebells protein bars could rival your fave chocolate bar in taste, with flavours including white chocolate almond, cookies and cream and caramel cashew. With 20g of protein per bar and no added sugar, these are an absolute must if you’re looking to boost your muscle recovery after a workout.

The Curators Jerky

Made with grass-fed, premium cuts of meat, The Curators’ beef jerky is step above the other brands on the market. Each 30g pack contains 11 to 12g of protein, making it ideal for a light snack during the day or after a workout. The jerky comes in Sweet Sriracha, Teriyaki Spice, Sweet & Smoky and Espresso Kick flavours, plus it’s totally nitrate free.

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