Martin Garrix Talks Getting Wet With Bebe Rexha & Overcoming His Usher Nerves

We talked to the 'In The Name Of Love' hitmaker about his latest video and more…

Martin Garrix has heaped praise on his 'In The Name Of Love' co-star Bebe Rexha telling us she was "amazing" to work with.

Speaking exclusively to MTV, the Dutch DJ/producer told us "she has such an amazing voice and an amazing atmosphere around her. [Working with her] was dope, it was really cool.

"Working with her, also shooting the video was a lot of fun, we jumped in the water, we got super wet but it was worth it 'cause we were super, super happy with the video."

Although the 20-year-old told us Rexha took a bit of convincing to do the money shot of them both plunging into the pool...

"We only had one chance to jump and it was fun because at first Bebe, there's no way she was gonna jump, she was like 'Nooo!' because it was gonna get cold and then we had to convince her to jump and I'm very happy she jumped 'cause the underwater part is very cool."

Garrix also recalled his nervous first meeting with Usher when they hit the studio together:

"I was really starstruck when I walked into the studio with Usher 'cause every kid grows up listening to his songs and he's an icon and I remember going into the studio and we did 'Don't Look Down' that day.

"I was nervous, I was really nervous. I was like 'what if he doesn't like what I'm gonna do, what if he doesn't like my ideas?' And as soon as I got in the studio we started vibing and exchanging ideas, like all the nerves went away and we made 'Don't Look Down'."

Martin's keeping tight-lipped about who he's been working with lately, but if we prise any more information out of him, you'll be the first to know!

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