Geordie Shore’s Chloe Ferry Has Officially Had The Chop And Fans Are Loving It

Her hair, we mean.

Geordie Shore’s Chloe Ferry is no stranger when it comes to switching up her looks, especially in terms of beauty, and her hair is no different.

The reality TV babe has gone for a shorter chop and has taken to her Instagram feed to share the new look with her millions of followers.

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Posting a snap on Instagram sporting a red crop top and light wash blue jeans, Chloe looks super happy with her new hairstyle, captioning the picture with: “Short hair don’t care.”

She’s not the only fan of her new locks either, with one followersuper enthusiasticallycommenting: “This is F***ING STUNNING.”

“To all the haters saying she Photoshop’s her photos… look in the mirror and tell me it doesn’t look the exact same,” another follower added.

Chloe Ferry gets her hair cut.


Chloe Ferry gets her hair cut.

Hilariouslyyou can see her fellow Geordie Shore star, and boyfriend, Sam Gowland taking the picture of her in the mirror at the back of the shot, something Chloe’s followers were quick to point out.

“I’m dead at the way he’s standing in the background at [an] awkward angle taking the pic, but love the outfit,” one commented.

Another eagle-eyed fan that spotted Sam’s dedication to Chloe’s Instagram feed, asked: “Think Sam gives lessons? He could be minted teaching lads how to take photos for their lasses.” While others said that Sam was setting the bar, adding: “Boyfriend goals.”

Brb while we hunt down a partner to take cute photos of us serving lewks.

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