Galaxy Freckles Are The Most Tumblr Festival Beauty Trend Yet


Galaxy prints studded twinkly little starshave long been the most tumblr aesthetic around (nice one, Dan & Phil), but now your favourite theme has got itself a beauty look that's going to be perfect for any festivals you're off to this summer.

The trend is called galaxy freckles and it's blowing up all over Instagram - probably because it's the dreamiest thing you've ever seen.

Like away less basic version of the glitter under the eyes trend that itselfreplaced flower crowns as the big festival beauty trend the year before, thislook sees people painting delicate patterns tolook like constellations all over their faces using metallic makeup and pools of glitter.

The best thing about the entire trend is that everyone who does it interprets the look a little differently, meaning there is piles on inspo lurking about on Instagram to help you come up with your own look.

There's this amazing version that sees the stars trail all the way down the face:

This amazing ethereal vibe created withglow in the dark makeup:

And this one, which looks increddy with the addition of purple contacts and a matching cosmic lip design:

If you're looking for products to recreate these looks with, MAC's glitter eyeshadow pigments come in a great range of shades as do Urban Decay's Heavy Metal metallic eyeliners, which will be perfect for detailing. Illamasqua also do a glorious iridescent Pure Pigment powder (try Ara, Alluvium and Static for those spacey vibes) and Milk Makeup do a multi-purpose Holographic Stick that will help you simplify the look if you're not too confident with your drawing skills.

But will you be trying the look this summer? Let us know with a tweet to @MTVStyleIntl already.

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