Have You Heard? Ferry Corsten's Bringing Back Gouryella...LIVE

We chat to the Dutch dance legend about reviving his epic sound....

Trance-nuts, prepare to lose your sh*t, Ferry Corsten is bringing his beloved trance outfit Gouryella to the live stage in 2016!

Earlier this year Ferry dropped a brand new Gouryella track, 'Anahera' andwhen we got wind that he might be touring with the old school sound we had to pick up the phone and get the deets.

Below, find out if there'll be a Gouryella album, whetherTiësto's on board and when we'll know more about the show...

We’re so excited to have Gouryella back. Why have you decided to bring the project back now?

"It’s been a long time actually since we had this sort of sound in the scene. Trance has always been around but the big epic melodies, like the long-stretched melodies that really tell a story, I don’t think we’ve had that in a while and and today’s trance is so close to EDM that I really just wanted to bring an old sentiment back. It stems from a personal tiredness of what’s going on in the scene right now.

"It’s not something like ok ‘you know back in the day everything was better’, I don’t want to make it sound like that but its just…it's sort of like the sound that really made my hair stand up, you know goosebumps back in the day and I just wanted to bring that back again."

Will Tiësto be joining you?!

"No this is just me! I think he’s moved on!"

Where are you taking the live show and what’s the concept behind the tour?

"We’re kind of working on the touring aspect and the locations for next year. This is a project that really has always been close to my heart and I don’t want to do it in every random festival or location, it needs to be the right one. We’re talking to a bunch of parties right now so it’s all gonna come out in the next month or so definitely before the end of the year.

"And what it's going to be like… 'Gouryella' the name itself is pretty mysterious in a way. It means heaven in the Australian Aboriginal language and if you look at the older Gouryella, it was always a sort of a little flirt with the big questions that human kind has – about life and about lots of other stuff and this is gonna bring that whole sort of thing back. Like what is this and why? And this show is going to be around that."

Will there be a Gouryella album?

“I’m not really sure if I’d do a whole album – I might incorporate it into something but I’m actually working on something for next year that’s gonna be pretty massive and this might be a little part of that. I’m not sure if it’s gonna get its own album."

You’ve got another EP coming out soon, are you on a roll right now?

"Yeah every once in a while you get that fire in your fingers again. I’m in a good place and right at the beginning of this year I made the decision to just go back to the big epic stuff again and it seems to be the fuel for me right now. So EP 3, or part 3 of Hello World, that’s gonna come out December 11th I believe and that’s a bunch of tracks - a bunch of vocal tracks, one’s a little lighter and the other stuff is big melodic and fits right in with what I’m doing right now."

You remixed Justin Bieber a few years ago and now he’s turning heads in the dance world. Have you heard his latest stuff? What do you think of it?

“To be honest I haven’t . I’ve heard everyone saying ‘Wow Bieber’s on a roll!’ and at first everyone was like ‘Bieber? Bleugh’, but now it’s like, ‘Oh I’m not sure, I kinda like this!’”

Which artists or producers have you most been impressed with this year?

"There’s a kid on my label, he’s from Spain, not to just plug my own stuff, but he’s the new trance kid. In my opinion, he’s got that whole epic thing. His name is Dimension and he’s been on a roll as well actually this year. But he’s bringing that new school to the table but at the same time bringing that epic element which is really cool."

'Stay tuned for more announcements aboutGouryella Live. Ferry Corsten's 'Hello World Part 3' EP is out 11th December.'

'Reporting By Megan Downing /Words By Michael Pell'

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