Laci Green Speaks Out Against Sam Pepper

The sex savvy YouTuber speaks out against Sam Pepper's recent controversy...

By Tamara Roper

In case you haven't been following, the last few days have proved to be a gender equality storm of two spectrums. At one end, we've had Emma Watson and her #HeForShe campaign, urging men to be as vocal and involved as women in the quest for gender equality.At the other end, the internet has reacted voraciously to popular YouTuber Sam Pepper and his 'fake hand' prank. A pretty crude video of Pepper pinching girl's bums with a prosthetic hand, it was subsequently taken down by YouTube.

Claiming that his prank was in fact part of a 'social experiment' that saw him upload a second video of the joke repeated on men, Sam Pepper has had to face an absolute torrent of backlash from the online community, led in part by popular San Francisco blogger Laci Green. Laci penned a wildly shared open letter to Sam, where she implored him to consider the implications of his actions, and has since recieved vocal backing from hundreds of people.

Laci has just released a video of her own, where she expresses her thanks and urges people to stand up to Sam Pepper and his cohorts in any way they feel comfortable. It's a compelling watchand one that will no doubt spark off further debate about the nature of viral videos and campaigns. Give Laci's video a watch belowand form your own opinions.

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