19 Influencers You Need To Watch Out For In 2019

Can you hear that follow button calling?

If you’re as obsessed with the online world as we are, you’ll be just as excited about this year’s roundup of up and coming influencers (both old and new) that are set to make big waves throughout 2019.

We’ve gathered together a fab list of lifestyle, fashion, beauty, body positive and queer influencers that are going to make you want to hit that follow button real fast. It’s a given.

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1. Markevious Harris (@poeticdrugs)

If you’re in dire need of some serious makeup inspo then Markevious is the first account you need to hit follow on. Serving lewks on Instagram, his fashion choices are to die for and his cute af awkwardness on camera make his YouTube videos really endearing to watch.

2. Tiq Milan (@themrmilan)

As a black trans man, Tiq Milan is making his voice heard to better the lives of others, and The Gentlemen Podcast, which he will be co-hosting, discusses the topics of masculinity, transitioning, being a father and a husband.

3. Honey Ross(@honeykinny)

Honey is the activist you should strive to be. With her Instagram bio being "thicc and sick of your sh*t," her outlook on life is pretty self-explanatory, and being a co-founder of The Pink Protest, she's fighting for women's rights every damn day.Also, she’s just so cool that we want to be her.

4. Jamie Hamilton (@jamie_jetaime)

Having set up YINZ BOPO, a body positive meet up group in Pittsburgh, USA, Jamie is the self-love activist you need on your feed. Not only that but her quirky yet femme sense of style is pretty damn lit.

5. Connor Newall (@connornewall)

Connor’s rise in the modelling industry has been meteoric, having being talent spotted in Glasgow, Scotland. Hewas the topic of BBC documentary 'Scotland’s Model Teenager' and is now venturing into acting. You’ll want to keep an eye on this one.

6. Havva Rebke (@havvarebke)

Havva is a singer/songwriter who got her start on The X Factor. Her fashion sense is all you need for daily inspo if you’re into yourstreet style. She posts covers on YouTubeand her voice is slick.

7. Nats Getty (@natsgetty)

Nats is the artist and designer behind Strike Oil, as well as being beauty guru Gigi Gorgeous’ fiancée, as well as being an LGBTQ+ rights activist, as well as being a model. She's busy, basically.Her Instagram is full of stunning travel photos, fashion and boujee socialite events.

8. Stef Sanjati (@stef.sanjati)

Stef is a trans YouTuber who has documented her MTF transition throughout her career, educating her audiences on everything trans and LGBTQ+. She’s now the face of Rimmel’s #iwillnotbedeleted campaign. She's killing the game and we all need to start keeping up.

9. Franceta Johnson (@francetajohnson)

With an Instagram feed full of style, Franceta is a plus size fashion blogger guaranteed to cause your shopping habits to spiral out of control -which isn't necessarily a bad thing. With her feed, you'll be spoilt for choice when it comes to wardrobe inspiration.

10. Caryn Marjorie (@cutiecaryn)

Caryn is cute, as says her Instagram name. Not only is her feed filled to the brim with picture perfect selfies, she also makes YouTube videos teaching the masses how to take a top notch selfie too. Iconic. Share your wealth of knowledge babe, we need it.

11. Chidera Eggerue (@theslumflower)

Chidera is the bestselling author of What A Time To Be Alone and the mastermind behind body-positive hashtag #SAGGYBOOBSMATTER, because they sure damn do. She also hit a spot on the BBC’s 100 Women List this year.

12. MLMA (@melovemealot)

MLMA is a singer, style icon and makeup lover who creates the weird and wonderful. Quite literally. Her Instagram feedlooks like the love child of American Horror Story and beauty itself. In the most magical way possible.

13. Sophie Lee (@sophirelee)

Sophie is a fire performer, fashion influencer and dancer who isn’t afraid of posting silly photos on the ‘gram. But her performance looks,'henny.'C’mon, they’re everything.

14. Joeley Bishop (@thevagaggle)

A dance teacher and trainee counsellor, Joeley’s feed is constantly filled with positive affirmations and quotes that will inspire you to be a hell of a lot nicer to yourself. Talk about a necessity.

15. Emma Johnson (@emmasrectangle)

Emma is a UK vlogger whocovers everything from life to travel, beauty, and fashion. Her beauty looks are some of our favourite and if you’re looking for everyday chic in terms of style, she’s your gal.

16. Anna Maynard (@annamaynard99)

Stemming from the Maynard dynasty (okay, maybe not dynasty, but they’re definitely getting stuff done rn), Anna’s now a fully-fledged YouTube star. Covering fashion, beauty and her day-to-day life, she’s going to be one influencer to keep your eye on throughout 2019 and beyond.

17. Jake Edwards (@jakeftmagic)

Jake is a non-binary, queer musician who makes YouTube videos on everything LGBTQ+. His feed is full of pride and positivity. If you have questions surrounding gender or sexuality, Jake has a video that’ll help you out.

18. Lewis Blissett (@lewisblissetto)

Having appeared on the UK’s version of The Voice Kids, Lewis has gone on to amass thousands of online followers from hiscovers on YouTube. We’re fully convinced he’s the secret child of Ariana Grande and Sia. That voice!

19. Amika George (@amikageorge)

Amika is anactivist campaigning for free menstrual health products for low-income families, trying to end the shame and the stigma that surrounds periods. She might be a teenager but she is already the feminist we all need to grow up to be.

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