Harry Styles Just Had A Seriously Cringe Moment In Front Of Three Of His Victoria’s Secret Exes

The singer was performing at the VS fashion show in Shanghai at the time.

Harry Styles got to live a lot of peoples ultimate dream recently, as he tookto the stage at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in Shanghai to perform some of his solo material.

But it wasn’t like any other gig, as this time he knowingly sang just metres away from three of his exes. Well, when we say exes we mean three people who were once linked to him in a romantic way.

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However while Hazza did his best to dance off any and all possible awkward moments, it turns out there was one thing he forgot to check before he hopped on stage wearing his minty suit.

Yep, the poor guy had his flies open the entire time. And while we’ve all been there, it’s safe to say that none of us have had to have the situation plastered all over the internet.

So we thought we’d help by, um, continuing said plastering. Sorry Harry.

Anyway, in case you were wondering who said ‘exes’ were, allow us to refresh your memory.

Georgia Fowler was linked to Harry earlier this year, after reports surfaced that he’d written ‘Kiwi’ about her.

Harry and Sara Sampaio were spotted back in 2015 leaving a hotel in New York together, with nothing else actually coming of it.

While Nadine Leopold was reported to have dated Harry in Feb of 2015, after they were spotted out on a number of dates together. Alas it didn’t work out, but certainly made for quite the dramatic year for both of them.

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