Cher Lloyd Left Simon Cowell's Record Label Last Year

Star has confirmed her departure, revealing he found her "difficult"...

Cher Lloydhas confirmed she parted ways with Simon Cowell's record label last year.

During an interview with X Factorin 2010 and has now singed a deal with LA Reid in the US.

The 20-year old said: "I don't really speak to him anymore. I left his label a year and a half ago and I got my record deal here [in the US]."

When asked if Cowell was annoyed by her decision to leave his label, Cher replied: "I don't think so. I mean, I wouldn't say angry - I would like to think he misses me now."

She went on to explain that disagreements with SiCo over her career path led to her departure, adding: "I think he found me - I wouldn't say disobedient - but a little bit [difficult]. I have a specific thing I am reaching for, so I have my own idea of how I'm going to get it.

"We all have a specific thing in life that we want to get to and I don't deal very well with people having [control]."

Quizzed if Cowell was a 'control freak', Lloyd confessed: "Yeah, I don't deal well with that."

In the same interview Cher also admitted that she is unhappy her sophomore album Sorry I'm Late has been delayed until 2014, after it was originally slated for release this month.

Lloyd revealed: "I think as an artist you try and protect the people within the company you're with. Unfortunately, I'm not like that.

"My album got pushed back and I'm not happy about it. It's all done, but I am currently in the studio for the rest of this week to try and find some more magic.

"It was meant to be coming out in November. Now I think it's going to be early next year."

She continued: "I've still got to find that magic. I was hoping to get something to my fans sooner. I feel like it's been way too long, but I know you can't rush something that's meant to be right.

"I think the magic is already there."

Speaking of whether she told boss LA Reid, Cher concluded: "Of course, but he said, 'Just go try'. I'm always open to trying, but when I think I know, I know."


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