Did Ariana Grande And Pete Davidson Just Get Matching Breakup Tattoos?

Like really, really, really tiny tatts.

Since their split in October, Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson have been playing a game of who can rid themselves of their matching tattoos first.

Now it looks as though the pair are calling it quits completely, as everyone’s speculating if their most recent matching tattoos symbolise their breakup, or are just an honest mistake. Who knows?

Ariana Grande.


Ariana Grande.

The pair may no longer share matching tattoos that commemorate their whirlwind romance and eventual engagement, but “H2GKMO” and their Kid Cudi-inspired tatts officially live on in the form of little black hearts.

That’s right, the duo have both hadlittle black hearts inked on their bodies. It looks like it may be a complete coincidencebut Ari showed off her new addition in a new teaser for the upcoming ‘Thank U, Next’ video.

She’s replaced her previously bandaged finger with the permanent tatt and Pete did the same a little while ago, with fans noticing that his Ariana bunny ear tattoo was missing.

Pete’s been open about covering up his former “girlfriend tatts” as during an appearance in October, the comedian said: “Um, I’ve been covering a bunch of tattoos, that’s fun.”

They both may have another tattoo of a similar nature, but they’ve been making additions to their collections separately since the split too. Ari got a brand new tattoo to honour her self-proclaimed favourite track from Sweetener, ‘R.E.M.’

It looks like breakup tattoos are officially a trend?

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