Uber Set Up Kitten Delivery Service For Four Hours Only (And 5 Other Brilliant Uber Moments)

Because sometimes you need more than just a ride…

What’s the most exciting thing you’ve ever done with an Uber? We can bet you’ve probably never had a kitten delivered to your door, but that’s exactly what the car service offered to lucky Australians today, for four hours only.

Between 12noon and 4pm, cat fans could request ‘KITTENS’ via the Uber app, and if one was available it would be delivered to them for a 15 minute snuggle. $40 well spent, no?

A collaboration with animal welfare shelters, the pretty kitties were also available for adoption or fostering, with all money raised from the service going to welfare centres across Oz.

This isn’t the first time Uber’s got creative with its services – take a look at these other pretty awesome promotions.

Puppy Bowl On Demand

You may remember Katy Perry posting about Puppy Bowl on Instagram, but ahead of Animal Planet’s biggest canine event in sports history, Uber delivered adoptable puppies to requesters across the United States.

Similarly with the kitty service, there was a four-hour window on January 28th where puppies could be delivered for 15-minute periods, with the opportunity to adopt the doggies if you felt so inclined. Otherwise, your 15 minutes cost $30, with the money going to participating animal charities.

McLaren 650S Pick-Up

Lucky Uber users in Dubai were able to request a brand new McLaren 650S, get into the driver’s seat, and take it for a test drive!

McLaren marketing manager Tom Pryor says, “Being able to request a test drive at the push of a button from your phone is absolutely the future.”

Ice Cream Truck On Demand

On Friday 19th July 2013 (yup, Uber has really been around that long), 33 cities across the globe were able to request ice cream via the app, across a six-hour window.

Prices varied depending on what scoop your city was serving and how many people it was for, with London offering five Mr. Whippy cones with 99 flakes for £20, while Sydney’s Gelato Messina was $20 for a 500ml tub.


Across Labor Day weekend in the States last year, Uber offered a helicopter ride for up to three people, cruising from Downtown LA to Malibu Wines. The 45-minute journey was followed by a Safari Tour of the property, wine and cheese tasting, and the opportunity to feed safari animals.

The price? A mere $1,500 – that’s just $500 per person.

Driverless Cars?!

Ok, so this one hasn’t happened yet, but Uber has just launched an Advanced Technologies Centre in Pittsburgh, “to do research and development, primarily in the areas of mapping and vehicle safety and autonomy technology”.

With most cost associated from taxi rides going towards a driver’s fee, the idea is that taking an automatic Uber everywhere would be cheaper than actually owning a car, so basically Uber would rule the world. Or something like that.

Just what will Uber do next? Your guess is as good as ours.

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