11 Incredible Celebrity Reactions That They Did NOT Hide Well

We're so glad cameras aren't pointed at our face 98% of the time...

After seeing Pink’s face during Christina Aguilera’s performance at the American Music Awards we peed a little. Celebrity audience reactions are literally the best thing in life. Nothing compares. No, not your wedding day or the birth of your child or getting that massive promotion. Gifs.

And tbh the best ones always seem to happen at the MTV Video Music Awards. Must be all that free champagne we give ‘em...


1. Pink to Christina Aguilera

During the 2017 AMAs, Christina took to the stage to perform I Will Always Love You as a tribute to the late Whitney Houston and as the camera panned to Pink, the world lolled. She looked as if she was cringing so hard she may cease to exist. We know that the two had a feud in the early 2000s but have since made up so people assumed there wasstill some bad blood there. But Pink set the record staight saying Xtina 'killed it'. Just unfortunate timing then. Lols.

2. Amber Davies to Chris Hughes

After Amber came between Chris and Kem Cetinay on Love Island she went to try and justify herself but Chris wasn’t having any of it. As he scolded her she gave us the most epic eye roll of all time. And we’ll be forever grateful.

3. Katy Perry to Fifth Harmony

During the 2014 VMAS, Katy turned to Sam Smith during Fifth Harmony’s performance and asked who they were. Lol.

4. Ariana Grande to Elsa Hosk

We’re obsessed with the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show but normally it’s for the underwear not the memes it provides us with after. In 2015, Ariana was performing when she was almost taken out by and Angel wing and her face gave us everything.

5. Taylor Swift to Justin Beiber

One of the all-time greatest gifs ever is Taylor Swift’s reaction to her BFF Selena Gomez’s boyf Justin Bieber at the 2013 Billboard Music Awards. She could not have been more obvious and tbh we want an updated version now they’re back together.

6. Harry Stylesto Taylor Swift

Taylor wasn’t the only one to make their feelings known at the 2014 VMAS as when she accepted her award for I Knew You Were Trouble she thanked what everyone assumed was Hazza. She said thank to “the person who inspired this song, because now I have one of these." And his face tried so hard not to laugh. So hard.

7. Nicki Minaj to Miley Cyrus

Prior to the 2015 VMAs, Miley had told The New York Times that she was unimpressed with Nicki complaining that Anaconda hadn’t been included for Video Of The Year. After Nicki got wind of the comments she turned up to the show, collected an award and asked Miley ‘What’s good?’ as she was hosting the show. AWKWARD. But amazing for us.

8. Chloe Ferry to Nathan Henry

During that time the world turned upside down and Chloe and Nathan weren’t speaking, she was involved in a convo with Abbie Holborn when Nath decided they were done talking and stole Abbie away. Chloe’s reaction was priceless and Twitter went mad.

9. Jack Antonoff to Katy Perry

Jack’s eating a banana during Katy Perry’s opening of the 2017 VMAs was one of the funniest low-key shade moments ever. As well as being Taylor Swift’s writing partner, Jack’s girlfriend Lena Dunham is a long –time member of her squad to any shade thrown at Perry was defo down to that.

10. One Direction and Rihanna to Miley Cyrus

During Miley's 2013 VMAs performancewith Robin Thicke the world was stunned and the celeb audience was no different. Ri-Ri looked bored AF, Niall Horan looked shocked and Zayn Malik had to look away.

11. Drake To Miley Cyrus

And while everyone else was looking shocked, Drake couldn't even look at all, so watched the floor from 0 to 100.

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