Kylie Jenner’s Outrageous Birthday Party For Stormi Will Make You Feel Poor

Is this even real?

Kylie Jenner was never going to throw a low-key celebration in honour of Stormi’s birthday but even her more hardcore fans couldn’t have predicted what actually happened.

The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star literally built a theme park in honour of her daughter’s 1st birthday, with Stormiworld (a pun on Travis Scott’s Astroworld) being the most extravagant thing we’ve seen in our entire lives.


At the entrance to the event was a huge blow-up version of Stormi’s face, with the inside of the amusement park being an equally impressive dreamscape.

Guests lucky enough to receive an invitation were met with carnival rides, pizza stands, a rainbow butterfly forest area, an actual cloud room, balloons, and a bunch of games all customised with Stormi’s face and initials.


Oh, and just to make everyone feel poor AF, the party also featured a performance fromBaby Shark as DJ Khaledrocked up to the event to give Stormi her first ever Chanel bag.

Yes, seriously. The one-year-old has a Chanel bag.


Before the celebration, Kylie revealed that she wasn’t sure if the party was even going to go ahead: “Alright so, we were supposed to have Stormi’s birthday party this weekend," she said on Instagram.

“It’s not happening because it was supposed to rain and it’s not raining anymore...It didn’t end up raining, but better safe than sorry...We have all her cousins here [and] everybody who loves her. We’re playing with farm animals.”

The standard forbirthday parties has officially been set.

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