Get to Know: Billie Eilish

We caught up with the exciting new act to find out a little bit more about her and her music...

This week's featured artist is an incredible singer from Los Angeles.

Billie Eilish may only be 16 years old but she's already killing it. Not only has she put out a critically acclaimed EP (d'on't smile at me') but her single 'ocean eyes' has over 43 million streams on Spotify alone and she's collaborated with the likes of Vince Staples.

Billie Eilish
Billie Eilish

We were lucky enough to catch up with the rising star this week.

Check it out below...

1)For those who don’t know about you and your music, tell us a little bit about who you are and where you’re from.

My name is Billie Eilish, I grew up and still live in Highland Park (Los Angeles), California.

2)Describe your sound in three words...

What I want.

3) Who inspired you to start a career in music?

It was never like someone making me want to do something. It wasn't like one person. I always sang from the time I was really little. I didn't really think of it as something to do someday as a career because I just was always doing it. But I would say that Aurora was a big influence. When I saw the music video for 'Runaway', it clicked in my head. I think I was 12 and there was just something about it that hit a spot somewhere inside of me and made me think: 'this is what I want to do'.

Billie Eilish
Billie Eilish

4)Who are your biggest musical influences?

I would say, overall, definitely The Beatles who I grew up listening to a ton. Also, Tyler the Creator and Aurora as I mentioned. Odd Future, Smino, Lana Del Rey, Marina and The Diamonds. Drake, Rob Dickinson, so many people.

5)Tell us about the writing and recording process for your new music.

I work with my brother Finneas and he produces all of my music in his little bedroom in our house. We actually tried renting out a studio for a month when we were producing 'don't smile at me' but it was really hard there and we ended up just doing it at home anyway. Some songs start with lyrics, some start with a melody or a beat. It is really different each time but when we work on it at home, we can do it whatever time day or night, whenever we get inspired.

6)What can we expect from your live shows?

I don't want people at my shows to come out and say "I just saw a cool show". I want them to say "I had fun at the show". I want it to be a collaborative thing and be part of the audience and have them be part of me. I try to interact with everyone there and have them be equal to me because they are.

7) What has been your biggest career highlight so far?

100 percent it is just performing. I guess most recently, the biggest moment was probably in Amsterdam when I played a really big venue (for me) for my headline show. It was huge for me. It was a dream and there was this one song I was singing that isn't even out yet. It was just acoustic and I was sitting on a little stool and then without me asking them, the crowd turned on all their lights and started waving them in the audience, which is such a classic thing that people have always done and I have seen them to that at huge concerts that I went to. I sat there and I couldn't finish the song. I just started to cry because it was amazing and like I was living in a dream.

Billie Eilish
Billie Eilish

8)Have you met anyone and been totally starstruck?

In my head yesbut I have never been a person who gets nervous or shaky around somebody. I don't really get nervous that much or if I do, only I know. It's all inside me. I am good at hiding everything. But the people who have flipped me out on the inside because they are such gods are Moses Sumney recently, Kendrick Lamar and Tyler the Creator. Jesse Rutherford is a huge one!But he is so cool. I love him.

9) What’s on your playlists that people wouldn’t expect?

A lot of Linkin Park actually. I really love Linkin Park and I loved Chester Bennington and it is horrible what happened to him. I grew up listening to him because my Dad would make these mixtapes with a lot of different artists - Linkin Park, Avril Lavigne, The Beatles, Sarah McLachlan, I just really loved Linkin Park and their production is really sick.

10)When can we see you live?

Well I am on tour right now. Just finished doing the Laneway Festival in Singapore, New Zealand, Australia, my European run and I'm currently touring all over the US!!

My next headline show will be the next show that you willwant to attend.

You can follow Billie onFacebook,TwitterandInstagram.

WatchBillie's incredible music video for'watch'below.

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