Kasabian Explain Their Live Shows’ Cryptic Messages

Les-tah lads Kasabian have clarified fans’ confusion over the bizarre words that beam behind them during current live shows.


Flashing up at last month’s epic homecoming gig in Leicester and when they headlined Glastonbury, words randomly appearing on their stage screen included Canister, Voucher and Cordial.

Speaking to MTV News in a Leicester Square cinema before the premiere of their Summer Solstice film with Sony Xperia Access, frontmen Serge Pizzorno and Tom Meighan insisted the messaging is not subliminal.

“They’re words that I use and Serge use that are in-jokes,” revealed singer Tom.

Songwriter Serge continued: “The word has to relate to us growing up, so things that we’d find funny. So imagine the best tune ever and behind the guitarist or singer is XR2i – that’s a dream. It’s not complicated or cryptic in any way.”

In our exclusive interview, Serge and Tom also chat to us about watching back their own performances and how they partied after coming off stage at Victoria Park and Worthy Farm.

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