Spotify Wrapped 2018: How To Find Out Your Most Listened To Songs/Artists Of The Year

The streaming service's deep dive into your listening habits is back...

Twitter is popping off with everyone sharing theirmost listened to songs and artists from 2018 thanks to Spotify's Wrapped 2018 feature, which returned today back by popular demand.

The service has once again provided users of the service a personally curated insight into their listening habits where they can learn the first song streamed this year, how many total minutes they'vestreamed since 1st January, their most-played tracks and artists and more.

Spotify Wrapped 2018

Credit: Spotify

Spotify Wrapped 2018

Also this year Spotify have provided users with 'Tastebreakers', a personalised playlist featuring new music from genres and artists they wouldn't normally choose to listen to but, according to their activity on the platform, is probably a safe bet that they'll enjoy.

Hit the link below to find out what your 2018 looked like and let us know the results by tweeting us @MTVMusicUK!

'Click here to access your Spotify Wrapped 2018.'

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