Emma Watson Gives Commuters Advice For $2 A Go At New York's Grand Central Station

She needs a dollar, dollar. A dollar is all she needs.

Having grown up in the public eye, Emma Watson has some serious lifeexperience.But now she's giving back and for the mere price of $2, you too could benefit from a few personalisedwords of encouragement from Emma.

You see, despite being very busy making films like Beauty & The Beast, Emma took some time out this week to help out commuters at New York's Grand Central Station and offered up life advice for people via a livestreaming link.

Author Derek Blasberg was in on this one and arrived at the train station with a homemade booth advertising Emma's advice. When a customer came up and handed over $2, Emma would appear on the screen to have a chat about life, love and whatever they fancied.

While no one seems to have a clue exactly what this skit was in aid of, Emma is signed up to star in a new film called The Circle, which explores the dark side of the digital age.

Either way, commuters seemed pretty bemused by the whole thing and one bystander noted:“So I just ‘ran’ into Emma Watson at Grand Central giving advice for $2 through an iPad booth … #welcometoNY #keepitweird #emmawatson."

Life is weird sometimes, isn't it?

'Why not make it *even* weirder and check out people playing an awkward af game of sex-themed Would You Rather...?'

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