10 Fashion Trends From 2008 That Need To Stay Dead Forever

These items can’t come to the phone right now. Why? Because they’re dead.

It was the year Wild Child hit cinema screens and Beyonce pulled on a leotard and dropped the masterpiece known as ‘Single Ladies’ but 2008 was also the time of some highly questionable fashion choices.

Feel free to burn as many pictures as you want, but nobody who knew you during those dark dayscould forget that time you paired bright pink leggings with a fitted waistcoat and shared footage of the crime on Bebo.

'Let's get checking out whether a bunch of grown adults can pass a GCSE exam...'

Extra wide belts

We’re totally down with belts being a functional and occasionally attractive outfit accessory, but the belts of yesteryear were less about holding your trousers up and more about distracting people from the rest of your genuinely quite oddoutfit.


Boho headbands

Nothing quite screamed Glastonbury chic like purchasing a piece of fabric from Claire’s Accessories and wrapping it around your hairline. Bonus points for the peoplewho went against the grain and wore headbands around their actual forehead. True pioneers.


Highwaisted shorts

It was rule #1 on the How To Be Cool handbook:a pair of high-waisted dark denim shorts paired with a plain white vest practically made you the Kelly Rowlandof your sleepy seaside town.


Pleather leggings

What to wear when your babydoll dress is in the wash and your best pal has already pinched your New Look jeans? A pair of glossy, supertight, and oh so sophisticated pleather leggings, of course. Because who wouldn't want to look they tripped and fell into an oil vat?


Kanye West glasses

Not just reserved for the loudmouth sixth-formers who hung out by the lockers. You were practically a nobody if your first ever Facebook picture didn’t include a pair of shuttered glasses, a torn-up white tee, and a face smeared in green neon paint.


Gladiator sandles

They were never going to take the award for being particularly practical, but – back when you had all the time in the world to be your true ridiculous self – spending 20 minutes in themorning tying up your knee-length sandles seemed like a swell idea.


Fringe boots

The perfect option for people who idolized a little-known country singer called Taylor Swift but couldn’t quite bring themselves to purchase a pair of pointed-toe cowboy boots.


Open shoulder tops

This may have experienced a mild resurgence in 2015, but leaving your shoulders bare in 2008 was a bold, slightly flirty, and very much grown-up fashion statement. Sorry mum.



Were celebrities even famous in the noughties if they didn’t slip into a skintight Herve Leger dress and clip in the longest hair extensions known to mankind? Iconic.


A tiny waistcoat

Shout out to the piece de resistance of the fashion world. Ideally worn over a vest and an off-the-shoulder top, this miniscule denim waistcoast elevated your outfit from averageto Could Actually Be Cast In An Original Disney Channel Series.


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