7 Reasons Why Sailing The Med Is Your Next Summer Adventure

Aye Aye Captain!

Sailing around sun-drenchedislands is usually a pipe dream, a scene from apostcardyou forgot to send, or pap shots starring Timothee Chalamet snogging Lily-Rose Depp.

Problem is, it involves a basic (read: high level) knowledge of ‘how to sail’, a skill gifted to a very small percentage of the population. Getting a driver's license is hard enough, right!?

Fortunately, there are certain peoplethat do the hard stuff for you, and the folks atMedSailorsare one of the best. They offer sailing trips around Turkey, Croatia, even Montenegro. We were lucky enough to spend a week gliding around the Saronic Islands in Greece, which was every bit as indulgent as it sounds.

There wereclear skies, endless sun, turquoise waters, dolphins(!), espresso martinis, and even a sunrise proposal on our boat (diamond ring not included).

So if you want to lounge around glamorously on a boat listening to Abba and pretending you’re in Mamma Mia 3, this is the trip for you!

Eat Like a Queen

The Saronic Islands are home to a hostof great Greek restaurants, which you can enjoy when your boat docks in a new destinationeach night.

You’re always near a port, which means you’re near a platter of very fresh seafood all holiday long.

There are also buckets of tzatziki and hummus for you to bathe in, as well as plenty of fried feta cheese drizzled in honey - the pinnacle of sweet and salty pairings.

Kim K’s penchant for nuggets dipped in honey has nothing on this.

Drink Like A Fish

If you want to stay on board on the deck and watch a romantic sunset, that option’s always there. Alternatively, there are plenty of places to knock back a dangerously strong daiquiri and dance to some noughties pop bangers.

Don’t miss Millenium on Ermioni, where the owner/DJ/vibe-bringer sets the bar on fire before showering you in paper napkins. It’s safer than it sounds. We think.

On the island of Poros you can join in a session of wine tasting, and sample a variety of tasty drops from around Greece. There’s even a bright blue one made from blueberries, which looks a bit like WKD but tastes much better.

© Georgie Wright

Get Amongst The Activities

When you’re not sailing around the big blue, there are plenty of island pitstops filled withfun andadrenaline to get stuck into.

On Spetses you can bike around the island to the famous Bekiri cave, where you can swim in a near pitch-black cavern. It’s probably the closest you’ll ever feel to being a mermaid.

If you’re scared of the dark, the cycle trip itself is filled with plenty of beautiful views to enjoy. Time to post on Instagram.

© Georgie Wright

Are sailboats not quick enough for you? Not to worry - you get the chance to sit on an inflatable couch while a small speed boat drags you around at breakneck speeds. One for the adrenaline junkies.

© Georgie Wright

Get looked after by a great crew

You’ll get looked after by a skipper, who not only sails the boat but cleans it and cooks breakfast and lunch. That said, don’t take the piss - a little washing up goes a long way.

They’re all young and fun, so you’ll probably become mates and want to help out anyway. Shout out to Chloe - a true legend!

© Georgie Wright

Live in a postcard

You’ve seen Mamma Mia, right? That.

© Georgie Wright

You’re living on a boat, so every day you get to wake up to blue skies and endless oceans. Going home will never be so hard.

Make friends!

You can book out a whole boat with your mates, take a trip with #bae, or go on a solo adventure by getting a cabin for yourself.

Either way, you travel in a team of about eight other boats, so there’s plenty of opportunities to make mates with fellow seafarers. Be nice.

© Georgie Wright

Get Your History And Culture Fix

Yes, you’re on holiday, but learning about Ancient Greece is far more interesting IRL than droning on about it in history class.

You get the chance to look around an old amphitheatre in Epidavros, and it’s worth it.

Greek amphitheaters were where all the important plays and shows went down, and this was one of the largest in Ancient Greece.

Basically, if Ariana Grande was alive back then, this is where she would’ve played.

© Georgie Wright

By Georgie Wright

'MTV Travelled With... MedSailors. For more information on this Saronic Voyager Trip please visit the MedSailors Prices start from €587pp. MTV Travelled With... British Airways. For more information please visit the British Airways website at'

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