Screw Valentine’s Day, Can We Adopt China’s Singles’ Day?

Guanggun Jie sounds like so much more fun…

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, and while we think it’s a lovely excuse to drag your significant other to the cinema to see Fifty Shades Of Grey, it’s not really the most exciting holiday when you’re single. That’s why we’re taking a leaf out of China’s book and holding out for November 11th, AKA Guanggun Jie, AKASingles’ Day.

Chosen because the date – 11/11 – symbolises four bare sticks, the literal translation of Guanggun Jie, Singles’ Day kicked off at universities in the 90s and is basically an excuse to party with all your unattached mates.

Karaoke is one of the biggest ways to celebrate, which we imagine is probably less ‘All By Myself’, more Beyoncé’s ‘Single Ladies’. Sounds like our kind of occasion already.

There’s even a traditional Singles’ Day breakfast – four youtiao sticks (fried dough strips) and a baozi (steamed bun), representing the four number ones in the date, and the dot in the middle.

However, as of 2009 it’s also become an e-commerce holiday, and the biggest online shopping day in the world – even bigger than Cyber Monday.

So have China sold out on Singles’ Day?

Nah. It just goes to show that buying yourself gifts is WAY more fun than trying to pick underwear for someone just so you can see them wear it.

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