Did Demi Lovato Throw Shade At Taylor Swift During The Billboard Music Awards?

Fans think there's still a lot of bad blood (please stop us) between these two.

People are convinced that Demi Lovato threw shade at Taylor Swift during The Billboard Music Awards, citing two moments caught on camera that were more than a little bit awkward.

The first incident went down when Shawn Mendes took to the stage to perform ‘Youth’ and Demi was spotted turning around in her seat and giving a stone-cold look to whoever was positioned in the row behind her.

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A little bit of research shows that Camila Cabello and -you guessed it -special guest Taylorherself had been standing up and dancing along to the performance. Put two and two together, and it certainly ~looks~ like Demi wasn’t the hugest fan of their reaction.

Next up, the camera panned on Demi just as the Look What You Made Me Do singer was accepting the award for Top Female Artist and right here, ladies and gentleman, is the perfect example of resting bitch face.

None of this escaped the attention of hardcore fans: “Demi…..honey I saw you trying to throw shade at Taylor and Camila.”, one viewer tweeted, as another said: “Was Demi looking at Taylor & the shade #BillboardMusicAwards.”

For a brief overview of their complicated relationship, Demi hit out the now-dismantled squad in an interview with Glamour, criticized Taylor for not openly speaking up about Kesha's trial against Dr. Luke in2015, and then glossed over the time she donated $250,000 to the artist for legal fees.

Is the feud alive and kicking or was Demi just minding her own business? Let us know with a tweet @MTVUK.

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