Justin Bieber Wins Halo Hall Of Fame Award And Pays Tribute To Paris Victims

Well this was genuinely heartfelt...

More good news for Justin Bieber fans: he only went and won the biggest honour at the Halo Hall of Fame Awards in New York - Go, Justin!

But for him there was something more than winning awards on his mind. The 21-year-old accepted the award and, during his speech, took the opportunity to pay tribute to the victims of Friday's horrific terrorist attacks in Paris.

Biebs took a moment to inviteeveryone to join him for a brief silence to remember the lives lost, which was super touching.

"There’s been some sad things happening in the world right now, and I think that we should all honour that and just take one moment of silence for that, if you guys could,"he said.

We think this was an awesome way to pay respects to the victims of Paris, especially after he broke down on Friday night during a Q and A he did after a live performance.

The Sorry singer is the first ever recipient of the Hall of Fame accolade, courtesy of Nickelodeon.

By Mike Williams

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