Lewis Capaldi ‘Divinely Uninspired To A Hellish Extent’ Track By Track Album Review

Prepare to lock yourself in your room and cry for the next few days, because Lewis Capaldi’s debut album is finally here.

He’s an artist whose rise to fame has been like no other. Ending 2018 with nominations for BRITs Critics Choice and MTV PUSH: Ones To Watch under his belt, Lewis Capaldi was already set for a wild 2019, but no one quite imagined the level of global success the singer was about to embark on before the release of his debut album 'Divinely Uninspired To A Hellish Extent'.

Not only did his‘Someone You Loved’ become a UK #1 single, but it stayed at the top of the charts for a whopping seven weeks. Lewis followed up the impressive accolade with the announcement of an upcoming arena tour, which now includes sold out dates at London’s Wembley Arena and Glasgow’s SSE Hydro in 2020.​

Lewis Capaldi - Divinely Uninspired To A Hellish Extent
Lewis Capaldi - Divinely Uninspired To A Hellish Extent

Today, on his rise to worldwide superstardom, Capaldi has released his debut album, and we’ve decided to breakdown every track just for you. Grab some tissues, delete your ex’s number, and prepare to have an emotional breakdown in 3… 2… 1...

Lewis Capaldi ‘Divinely Uninspired To A Hellish Extent’ Track By Track Album Review


Kicking off the album with one of his first ever charting singles, ‘Grace’ sets precedent for the type of album Lewis is making. It’s cool, it’s emotionally raw, and it’s so heartfelt we want to grab our (non-existent) lover and dance around the kitchen at three am. With those vocals that make us want to scream at the top of our lungs along with him all night long, 'Grace' is the soundtrack to falling in love at full volume.


There must be something in the water because we can’t stop crying. In this piano ballad, Lewis runs us through that feeling of isolation and deprivation from love after a relationship ends. In a fight with mind and body, Capaldi tugs with his heart back and forth in an attempt to fall out of love no matter how painful the strain. We’ll never tire of Capaldi’s emotive lyrics. But also, who hurt him?!

Hold Me While You Wait

Hold us while we listen. If you ever needed confirmation that Lewis Capaldi can make you cry in under four minutes, this is it. Stuck in unrequited love? Breaking up? Falling into infatuation? This is the multi-purpose song we didn’t know we needed to listen to whilst staring out the window on rainy days. Asking for solace in that we-don’t-know-what-we-are phase, Capaldi wants to enjoy the present, whatever it may be, no matter what the future holds.

Someone You Loved

A Lewis Capaldi classic. In the song that introduced him to the world and gained him his first UK Number One single (for, and we repeat, SEVENweeks), ‘Someone You Loved’ defines the singer's sound in all its emotional glory. With lyrics that float around your mind hours after listening, it’s no wonder the song became such a hit when Capaldi's voice is paired with the lyrics that hit us straight in our feels.


He may rush into love, but he never rushes his music. In this pitch-perfect tune, Capaldi is asking that age-old question: are we better off alone? Stuck in a rut of ruining any relationship or close encounter of love, Capaldi takes us through the self-doubt, the constant second-guessing, and the realisation that we might just suck at this relationship thing. Only Lewis can make us enjoy singing about our poor attempts at a love life.


Prepare to be floored. All good things come to an end, and thus, so must this song - no matter how much you won’t want it to. Facing the fact that sometimes, no matter how much you love someone, it can’t always work out, Capaldi accepts that although a relationship needs to end, the memories and impact left can’t be stolen, tainted or ripped away. With a melody that follows you through the dark, this is the soundtrack to heartbreak, as up close and personal as it can get.


Speaking to the one who broke his lover's heart, Capaldi doesn’t hold back in this confrontational, emotionally explosive track. Making peace with the detrimental effects left on his partner from a relationship prior, Capaldi thanks him for letting her out of his arms so she could run into his instead. Set against a piano-driven instrumental, you’ve got the melody of a heartbeat being brought back to life.

Don’t Get Me Wrong

Asking for closure for a relationship drawn out too long, Capaldi is wearing his heart on his sleeves in the hopes of putting an end to something good before it turns sour. With a melody that echoes through your mind for hours after listening, the song is a definite game changer for the singer. Penning the lyrics that we wish we could speak, Capaldi is laying his truth over a slow pop instrumental that we can’t help but fall into, and we don’t mind free-falling if it’s to the sound of his voice.


In this guitar medley, Capaldi shows that sometimes stardom gets in the way of what’s most important - true connection. Falling into the limelight and escaping feelings that have consumed him for so long, he’s longing for something to hold on to - no matter how far the distance might be. Spending time amongst the Hollywood stars to hide from his feelings, Capaldi can’t be blinded by the big lights when he’s already blinded by love.

Lost On You

Accepting that he’s not strong enough to carry on a relationship, Capaldi waves his white flag and surrenders to a love that is bleeding him dry. The acoustic, guitar-heavy ballad is more proof that he can paint perfect even the most brutal of love stories. Not only that, but it’s a testament to putting yourself first in a relationship, and not exhausting yourself for anybody who’s not giving you what you deserve. *Finger snap*


Clinging onto a love that’s disintegrating before his eyes, Lewis commentates us through a world that’s tainted by lust for someone he can no longer have. Showing us that his vocal abilities have no limit once again, Capaldi blends heart-tugging lyrics over punching drum beats in this track, and the result is total intimacy. If your heart isn’t beating along in time by the end, your volume isn’t up loud enough.


Inviting us into his thoughts for an insight into how he navigates heartbreak, Capaldi’s tender voice is closing the album with an ode to young love, and the everlasting effects it leaves on its victims. Softened by intimate guitar plucks, he closes the album with a gentle reminder that he can make us feel every feeling under the sun, and that this is all just at the start of what’s destined to be a hugely successful career for the singer.

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