Calvin Harris Opens Up About Taylor Swift Break-Up: 'When It Ended, All Hell Broke Loose'

The DJ has broken his silence about that time he sent a hasty tweet.

Ever since Calvin Harris and Taylor Swift broke up, both have kept pretty tight lipped in interviews as tohow they found the really quite dramatic events which occurred afterward.

That was until the superstar DJ spoke to GQ mag recently, opening up about the whole thing as well as 'that' tweet.

You know, the one that he posted right after Taylor came out revealing herself as the lyricist on This Is What You Came For.

To refresh your memory, it read: “I figure if you’re happy in your new relationship you should focus on that instead of trying to tear your ex-BF down for something to do.”

“It was completely the wrong instinct. I was protecting what I see as my one talent in the world being belittled," Calvin said upon reflection of said tweet.

Adding: “It felt like things were piling on top of me and that was when I snapped.

“I’m not good at being a celebrity, but when it ended, all hell broke loose.Now I see that Twitter thing as a result of me succumbing to pressure.

“It took me a minute to realise that none of that matters. I’m a positive guy.”

That's more like it, Calvin.

Though he didn't stop there, telling the mag of why the relationship ended: “For both of us it was the wrong situation.

“It clearly wasn’t right, so it ended, but all the stuff that happened afterwards…”

“It’s very difficult when something I consider so personal plays out very publicly.

He continued: “The aftermath of the relationship was way more heavily publicised than the relationship itself.

“When we were together, we were very careful for it not to be a media circus.She respected my feelings in that sense.”

We need a lie down.

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